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Chronic Pain Management at Lake Marion Chiropractic
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Various injuries may cause acute pain that may make you miserable for a time, but you can find consolation in knowing that the pain will eventually diminish -- or can you? Some cases of acute pain perpetuate themselves as chronic pain, while other cases of chronic pain appear on their own, with no obvious cause or warning. There is still light at the end of the tunnel when you have Lake Marion Chiropractic Center providing you with safe, effective chronic pain management services.


What Is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is any pain that seems to have no clear, permanent end in sight. in this respect, it differs from acute pain, which doesn't much longer than the acute condition which caused it. An incurable or irreversible condition may plague you with recurring or unremitting pain. Examples include arthritis, fibromyalgia, and degenerative spinal disorders.

It's also possible that an acute injury can heal incompletely or improperly. This situation may prompt the creation of internal scar tissue that confines muscles, tendons or ligaments, making the slightest movement painful. An old auto injury, workers injury, sports injury, or surgical procedure may leave you with these scar tissue accumulations, known as adhesions, along with nerve impingement or other causes of chronic pain. Other forms of chronic pain linger simply because the underlying cause hasn't yet been found and corrected. A musculoskeletal imbalance in the neck, for instance, may make you prone to chronic headaches.

Drug-Free Relief from Our St. Paul and Lakeville Chiropractor

Even if your chronic pain cannot be totally alleviated, it can still be controlled and managed safely, without the need for heavy painkillers. Our chiropractor, Dr. Craig Couillard, can run comprehensive evaluations to pinpoint the exact origins of your pain. Chiropractic adjustments can ease joint irritation and inflammation by correcting your musculoskeletal alignment.

If you're struggling with internal scarring, our soft tissue mobilization techniques can break up that scar tissue and grant your body a greater degree of pain-free flexibility. If you have a condition that creates muscle knots, such as fibromyalgia, we may prescribe therapeutic massage to keep those knots to a minimum. If you have extremity pain related to a herniated disc or another form of nerve impingement, our axial decompression therapy can ease that pain by relieving the impingement.

Our Lakeville and St. Paul Chiropractor Can Treat Your Sports Injury, Workers Injury, or Auto Accident Injury

Whether your chronic pain stems from a sports injury, workers injury, previous surgery, auto accident injury or degenerative condition, Lake Marion Chiropractic Center can help you feel better. Call (952) 469-8385 today! We have two convenient locations for chiropractic care in St. Paul and in Lakeville.


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