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Many think of chiropractic care as involving only the spine and parts of the body that are in close proximity, like the neck and back. It is important to remember that chiropractic care goes further and helps to take care of overall joint health of many other parts of the body. With three joints in the ankle area alone, including the talocrural, subtalar, and inferior tibiofibular joints, it is good to have a professional such as a chiropractor take a proper look at whatever might be going on. At Lake Marion Chiropractic Center in Lakeville and St. Paul, our chiropractors can address the cause of the sprain and help you prevent any future injuries.


What is an Ankle Sprain?

Ankle sprains happen when the ligaments between the leg and the foot become injured do to accidental twisting the wrong way. With a minor sprain there may be uncomfortable stretching, or the ligament may actually tear.

What Causes Ankle Sprains?

Ankle sprains are one of the most common types of sports injuries. However, they can also happen to almost anyone - walking in the wrong shoes, or on uneven surfaces, or playing sports are all ways that an ankle might become sprained. While sprained ankles are common, it is important not to ignore them, because an untreated sprain can lead to more troubles, including arthritis down the road. Make sure your ankle gets the attention it needs is by visiting a chiropractor.

Chiropractic Treatment for Ankle Sprains

When someone has an ankle sprain there are two typical options for treatment; their primary care physician or their chiropractor. In most cases, the primary care doctor will X-ray the area to confirm that there are no breaks in the surrounding bones. The ankle is the stabilized, the patient is instructed to stay off of it, and in many case, painkillers are provided.

Chiropractors also do x-rays and check to see if the bones of the foot are out of alignment, as well as the ankle joints. Pain is treated through manual adjustments in the office, along with additional exercises designed to strengthen the area a prevent future injury.

A chiropractor will help you rehabilitate your ankle, and make sure there is no further injury to the foot. Laser therapy, ice/heat therapy, ultrasound, and orthotic foot support are all options that helped those with ankle sprains recover.

Contact our Chiropractor in Lakeville and St. Paul for Ankle Sprain Relief

No matter how common an injury might be, it is a sign that it is time to slow down and evaluate the way you are treating your own body. At Lake Marion Chiropractic Center in Lakeville and St. Paul, our chiropractor, Dr. Couillard is certified in sports medicine and is ready to treat whatever sports injury ails you, including an ankle sprain. To learn more about our clinic, or to schedule an appointment, contact us at (952) 469-8385.


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