Herniated Disc FAQs

You might have heard of the herniated disc before if you've been suffering from acute or chronic severe back pain. This type of disc disorder is shared as a nuisance. However, herniated discs can grow out of control, leaving you with a wide range of symptoms with unbearable pain. If you have a herniated disc, it's essential to know that there is help available from a trained chiropractor.


At Lake Marion Chiropractic, we have a trained chiropractor in St Paul and Lakeville, MN, who can provide various chiropractic care techniques to help treat herniated disc disorder. Read on below to find more about this condition and how we can help you find relief from back pain.

What is herniated disc disorder?

Between the vertebrae of the spine lie discs, which are designed to cushion the spine and provide extra support. Like all body parts, these discs are susceptible to wear and tear and can wear away over time.

In addition, people with prior injuries that twist wrong or misuse their back can also face herniated disc disorder. When a disc herniates, it ruptures and leaks out the fluid inside the disc to the surrounding areas.

This circumstance can cause symptoms including sharp back pain, numbing or tingling in the lower extremities, and an inability to walk, sit or stand without feeling discomfort in that particular area of the spine.

How does a chiropractor treat herniated disc disorder?

The first line of defense against herniated disc disorder is resting the area. However, if there's no change and your spine can't seem to heal itself, spinal decompression can help.

Spinal decompression is a traction therapy designed to stretch the vertebrae of the spine gently. This machine helps alleviate pressure and pain from surrounding compressed nerves and also helps pop the herniated disc back into its natural place thanks to negative pressure that forms during the procedure.

Find the Best Care Available at Lake Marion Chiropractic

Whether you need spinal decompression, massage therapy, or another type of chiropractic care technique for your herniated disc, we have you covered at Lake Marion Chiropractic! We'll be here to provide you with the best service. Call today at (952) 469-8385 to get started!


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