Back Pain Treatment in Lakeville

Back pain is one of the most common complaints that bring patients to the chiropractor. If you are currently suffering from back pain, it may be hard to know what to do about it. Modern medicine may simply prescribe pain-killing drugs but that does little to actually address the reasons for the pain. This may result in patients needing higher and higher doses of the medication, and the pain never really goes away. Instead of healing the body, these drugs simply mask the symptoms from a patient. We at Lake Marion Chiropractic Center serving St Paul, MN, Lakeville, MN, and the surrounding areas, know a lot about how a chiropractor on our chiropractic can help provide pain relief for back pain.


How a Chiropractor on Our Team Can Help Provide Pain Relief for Back Pain

A chiropractor can be able to deal with the reasons behind the pain. In some cases, back pain may be caused by the bones of the spine being pushed out of their normal positions, When this happens, the muscles surrounding the spine may become misaglined, causing them to become inflamed and put pressure on the nerves surrounding the spine. These nerves interpret this pressure by sending pain signals to the brain.

A chiropractor on our chiropractic team can help to alleviate the pain permanently by moving these muscles back into their normal, healthy positions. This is done through a series of small movements that only move the muscles by small amounts at each appointment. In between appointments, these muscles may have a reduction in inflammation, further reducing the amount of pain you feel.

There other things a chiropractor on our chiropractic team may talk with you about that you can do at home or in addition to the adjustments to help alleviate the pain.

  • Massage therapy: A chiropractor at our practice may recommend this as a compliment to chiropractic sessions. While chiropractic care can help move muscles to the place they should be in your body, massage can help to reduce inflammation and swelling of those muscles.
  • Stretching exercises: Ask your chiropractor about the type of stretches you can do to improve your overall back strength and loosen the muscles that hurt. Some stretches are designed to help relieve pain immediately, and strengthening the muscles in your back will help to prevent future injuries.
  • Ice and heat: Depending on your type of injury, it may be best to use one of these exclusively or alternate between the two. Ask a chiropractor on our chiropractic care team which method may be right for you.

Over the course of several appointments, the muscles should move to their correct positions, and by doing so can be able to encourage the bones of the spine to move into healthy positions as well. This can help a patient to have a permanent reduction in their back pain.

Get Back Pain Relief from a Chiropractor on Our Chiropractic Care Team

If you live in the St Paul, MN, or Lakeville, MN, area, and you're dealing with back pain, give our office a call at (952) 469-8385 for Lake Marion Chiropractic Center. We can help get you back pain relief with the help of a chiropractor on our chiropractic care team..


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