Functional Movement Screen in Lakeville, MN

FMS (Functional Movement Screen)

Proper human movement requires many different systems to work effectively together in a coordinated fashion. Each joint complex and their respective muscles need to be a coordinated balance between strength, stabilization, balance and flexibility. The complexities of life interfere with this process. Poor posture, acute injury, previous damage from injury, repetitive movements, and poor diet are a few examples that produce dysfunction in our bodies. When our bodies are in dysfunction, compensation occurs and alters proper movement patterns, which in many cases lead to more potential injuries and pain.

FMS is a standardized screening and evaluation tool. It focuses on seven individual movement tests. These tests provide us with objective observations of weaknesses, asymmetries, limitations and imbalances of the body. These observations are needed for basic mobility and stability movements, which in turn correspond to athletic movements within their particular sport.

Each individual test has a standardized scoring system. This system of scoring enables the practitioner to access and evaluate the current state of function and helps determine the course of rehabilitation and corrective strategies to correct the deficits found.

This screen is utilized throughout professional, college and Olympic sports teams.

When abnormal findings and/or pain are identified on the screen, further examination is warranted to get a full representation and diagnosis of the underlying problem.

When an underlying mobility and/or stability problem exists and is not corrected, it may compound and develop the following list of problems.

Neck, back or hip pain
Plantar Fasciitis
Shin Splints
Patellofemoral Syndrome
Carpal Tunnel
Shoulder impingement
IT band syndrome

These screens maybe performed in the office setting or as a group for your organization. Contact our office for further information.


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