Curved Spine

Curved Spine Treatment

About 1 in 2000 babies are born needing curved spine treatment. But about 1 in 8 adults has some degree of dysfunctional spinal curvature. Some people suffer the effects of scoliosis, in which the spine takes on a "C" shape instead of its normal "S" shape. Some dealt with kyphosis, an abnormally rounded upper back, or lordosis, or swayback, in which the spine bends inward at the lower back. Your chiropractor Dr. Craig Couillard offers effective treatment for all of these causes for curved spine treatment at convenient offices in Lakeville & St. Paul.

Curved Spine Treatment

Your Chiropractor Can Help Restore a Healthy Spine

There are a number of reasons people develop curvature of the spine. Sometimes the underlying problem is achondroplasia, a condition in which the bones fail to grow properly. The underlying problem sometimes is discitis, an infection of the discs that serve as shock absorbers between the bones of the spine. More often the problem is osteoporosis, causing the vertebrae to fracture and slip out of alignment. And still, more often, the problem is arthritis or excessive weight gain.

How can you tell if you need curved spine treatment? In mild cases, the dysfunctional curvature isn't immediately obvious. But in more severe cases, there are symptoms like these:

  • Unusually prominent buttocks
  • A large gap between the lower back and a hard surface when lying down
  • Fatigue in the back or legs
  • Curve or hump in the upper back
  • Bending forward of the head compared to the rest of the body
  • Uneven shoulder blades
  • Leaning to one side
  • Uneven hips or waist

All of these symptoms of abnormal spinal curvature can be accompanied by back pain. All of these symptoms can be addressed with chiropractic treatment.

When your chiropractor treats curvature of the spine, the first objective is to relieve pain. Then the chiropractor addresses muscle problems. When you have an unusual curvature of your spine, the muscles above and below it have to work harder. Your chiropractor will help you relax tight muscles and help you tone weak muscles. Your chiropractor will help you improve your range of motion. And finally, your chiropractor will help you correct your posture to relieve the underlying curvature of your spine.

Neither chiropractic care nor surgery cures curvature of the spine. Both a surgeon and your chiropractor are primarily concerned about preventing worsening of your condition. But the improvement in day to day function is nearly always possible with drug-free, surgery-free compassionate care from your chiropractor.

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