Work Injury

What Your Chiropractor Can Do For You After a Work Injury

Work injuries aren't always what you would expect. Here are three important things Dr. Craig Couillard of Lake Marion Chiropractic Center, serving St. Paul and Lake Marion, wants you to know about what a chiropractor can do to identify and treat work injuries.


Your Chiropractor Is Your Expert for Treating Lower Back Pain

Chiropractors have special training in restoring the natural alignment of the spine to relieve lower back pain. Just about everyone has an occasional bout with lower back pain after straining to lift something that was too heavy, taking a tumble on an icy sidewalk or a slick floor, or maybe just from too many years of repetitive lifting.

Our chiropractor can identify the cause of your pain and then gently help your vertebrae resume their normal places. Chiropractic care never requires surgery, and your chiropractor will never prescribe potentially addictive drugs.

Your Chiropractor Is Your Expert for Treating Neck Pain

Whiplash isn't just something that can occur in a car accident. Just about any jolt to the neck can cause misalignment that results in pain that gets worse and worse over time unless it is corrected. Neck pain is usually a delayed reaction to injury. Immediately after a neck injury, you may feel fine, but there may be microscopic tears in the muscles of your neck.

Your body generates inflammation, so your muscles can replace damaged tissue over a period of weeks or months. It is not unusual for people to forget what started their neck pain before they come in for treatment. But your chiropractor can identify the source of neck pain and give you adjustments and exercises to do at home to make it go away for good.

Your Chiropractor Can Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Do your hands ache at night for no obvious reason? The problem can be a work-related repetitive stress injury, carpal tunnel syndrome. Your chiropractor can help you overcome pain and numbness caused by carpal tunnel syndrome.

Lake Marion Chiropractic is Here to Help

Dr. Couillard is a specialist in injury care for active people. Dr. Craig will work with you to restore you to the greatest possible measure of pain-free mobility to make sure you get the most out of both work and play. Are you looking for a chiropractor near me? Request an appointment online or call us at (952) 469-8385 today to make your next appointment! Lake Marion Chiropractic is located at 9202 202nd St W #203, Lakeville, MN 55044, USA.


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