Corrective Exercises

How Corrective Exercises Help Recovery

If you’re facing severe rehabilitation and recovery from a personal injury, one of the best ways to make sure everything heals correctly is with the help of a chiropractor. A good amount of healing involves movement, stretching, and flexibility applications, especially with soft tissue injuries. In addition, corrective exercises are essential in helping the body maintain its range of motion and allowing the muscle groups to build up correctly again and with minimal scar tissue.


Injuries Cause Scar Tissue

It typically involves tearing when soft tissue is damaged, such as in ligament injuries. Usually, as muscles build up, this is a good thing. It’s how muscles get larger, applying layers upon layers to address cellular damage from work. However, when the muscle group suffers a catastrophic injury, such as a nasty strain, partial tear, or complete tear, the muscle group has to restart. That healing process natural will create significant scarring that reduces the elasticity and flexibility of the injured muscle, making it more prone to tearing again. By applying corrective exercises and stretching early as the injury heals, the muscles heal with maximum repair, minimal scarring, and faster pain relief.

What Is Involved?

Corrective exercises help the body through routines and movements that slowly stretch injured muscles again while assisting them to repair correctly, especially with sports injuries. The motion is guided and applied through the entire exercise process by the chiropractor to make sure that it is not overdone.

Doing so ensures the motion follows are applied correctly and the targeted muscle works as expected. Too much, and the injury can re-occur. Unlike physical therapy, corrective exercises focus on the entire system of motion and recovery.

Results to be Expected

Corrective exercises are ideal for recovery and pain relief. The worst thing to do with ligaments and soft-tissue injuries is to stay motionless for weeks, allowing poor recovery and maximum scar tissue build-up. Early and guided motions help recovery work at full tilt, returning the injured part to complete the action.

Use Our Resources for Corrective Exercises

Lake Marion Chiropractic regularly works with regular and sports-oriented patients in corrective exercise recovery. Because our team has such an extensive depth in practice, we can deal with challenging, complex injuries that might be overwhelming for regular physical therapy and similar. Call us at (952) 469-8385 to schedule an appointment for rehabilitation help beyond stabilization. We regularly have patients from St Paul and Lakeville, MN, and surrounding areas. We can help!


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