Headaches after a Car Accident

When many people think of chiropractic treatment, they think of back and neck pain. Although chiropractors can provide excellent treatment of back and neck pain, chiropractic care can also help you with other forms of pain management as well. At Lake Marion Chiropractic Center, serving St Paul and Lakeville, MN, our therapies have proven very effective at treating chronic headaches and migraines. Keep reading to find out if we can help you with your headache pain.


What Causes Headaches?

Headaches are often caused by specific triggers. Understanding your headache triggers can be an important step toward treating your chronic pain. Triggers can include certain foods, environmental factors, lifestyle habits, as well as physical conditions such as pinched nerves. Headaches can also be caused by past injuries such as an auto accident injury. 

Can Chiropractic Treatment Help?

Although many people simply reach for an over the counter pain medication when they get headaches, chronic headaches are often not helped with this method. When headache pain is chronic and begins to interfere with your everyday life and productivity, it may be time to look for other methods of controlling your pain.

Main stream medicine often treats chronic headaches with increasingly stronger and stronger pain medications. The down side to this approach is that the human body will begin to build up a tolerance for these medications over time requiring larger doses or stronger drugs. This can take a toll on your body as many of these medications often have harsh side effects.

Another alternative is chiropractic treatment. Because most headaches are a result of muscle tension in the neck, spinal manipulation has been shown to be an effective way to treat both neck pain as well as recurring headache. Our sedentary lifestyle contributes to a weakening of the muscles of the neck which in turn produces tension and pain. Visiting a chiropractor can help you to improve the health of your spinal column overall. Keeping the spine aligned through regular chiropractic treatment can produce less headaches and an overall improvement in your health.  

In addition to spinal manipulation, a chiropractor can also provide you with lifestyle counseling to help you make better health choices to contribute to fewer headaches and better health. Other effective treatments can also include massage therapy and exercises to both strengthen and lengthen the muscles of the neck.

To learn more about our services, contact our office at Lake Marion Chiropractic Center, serving St. Paul and Lakeville MN. Our number is (952) 469-8385. Call today to schedule your appointment. 


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