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Have you ever experienced pain in your neck? If so, it might be a comfort to know that at one time or another, nearly everyone has had it. Your neck pain might be the result of anything from a minor mishap to a long day at the office. Regardless, you probably want help as soon as possible. When that time comes, it is best begun with a call to Lake Marion Chiropractic in Lakeville & St. Paul, and our chiropractic team here who has extensive experience with neck pain treatment. To help clear up some misconceptions about neck pain, below are a few frequently asked questions and their answers about the problem.

Q: What causes neck pain?

A: The short answer is "lots of things." You could be overdoing whatever you happen to be doing. You could be sitting still for prolonged periods of time. Your neck pain could be caused by simple age, or an athletic injury. Fortunately, a chiropractor can often pinpoint the cause of the problem with a simple consultation and examination.

Q: Why should I have my neck pain looked at by a chiropractor?

A: Quite simply, because neck pain and other spinal/muscular problems are what chiropractors do best. Treating your neck pain with chiropractic methods can solve your problem, and without addicting drugs and other methods that often cause more problems than they solve.

Q: Should I trust my neck pain care to Lake Marion Chiropractic?

A: If you were going to build a home, you would want the best, most experienced builder you could find, wouldn't you? The same is true of chiropractors. At Lake Marion Chiropractic, you will find chiropractors who are not only educated in the latest chiropractic methods but probably have more direct experience at treating neck pain. Lake Marion Chiropractic also takes many of the most popular insurance carriers, so your visit might be covered in its entirety.

If you are looking for neck pain relief, why not contact us at Lake Marion Chiropractic for the most effective neck pain treatment available?


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