Types of Migraines

Different Types Of Migraines

Here at Lake Marion Chiropractic Center, we know how painful a migraine can be. Often people define migraines as severe headaches, but they are neurological diseases that come in various forms. Our chiropractors at our St Paul, MN, and Lakeville, MN centers will help you debunk the different types of migraines.

Get to Know the Different Types of Migraines

  • Migraine with aura: This migraine involves sensory and visual disturbances before the migraine starts. The sensory changes cause a tingling sensation in your arms and legs, seeing black dots and zigzags and, at times, loss of taste and smell. The visual modifications typically occur within 10 - 30 minutes, while the migraine itself can last long.
  • Migraine without aura: Our chiropractors’ term it as the most common migraine among people. Pulsing and throbbing on the head is one of its distinctive symptoms. One might experience nausea and vomiting and an increase in pain while doing physical activities.
  • Menstrual migraine: It usually coincides with a woman’s period, and it usually is without aura. Studies link this type of migraine to a quick drop of estrogen and progesterone hormones before the period starts.
  • Vestibular migraine: In addition to your typical migraine, you experience vertigo, the sensation that you are spinning. Your balance is affected, and the migraine can last from a few minutes to days.
  • Migraine without headache: You might get aura symptoms with no pain following it up. This type of migraine is, at times, known as silent migraine.
  • Abdominal migraine: A migraine doesn’t always lead to a headache. One might experience severe pain in the stomach due to a migraine, and this form is common in children.
  • Hemiplegic migraine: It might be confused for a stroke. You develop weakness on one side of the body, and often there is less severe headache.

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